Investing in a Van? – The future of Trading?

TV Truck
A smaller version of what he had.

About 3 weeks ago I saw possible the best van ever for a trader. This was a great piece of kit with not 1,2,3,4 or 5 TV screens in, but 6. At first glance I thought this was simply someone who loved to play games or wanted to get the girls back to his van for a bit of….Fun. But when I spoke to the guy (ironically in a bar watching sports) he told me it was actually his job/house and he was going to be upgrading soon.

Essentially to cut a long (and drunk) story short he was a professional forex trader (amongst other investing mediums) who loved to travel around Canada and the USA. He loved it so much that he sold his house and purchased this done-out road cabin. Which not only had its own wi-fi (he did explain how it worked but I didn’t really understand a word he was saying.) As well as running water (sink, no shower facility) and gas and electric. Now this was all great until he showed me his office. A 6 TV screened trading room in all rights. Well that was when I said something. What a legend. But he then told me a story of how he lost it all. Theft essentially, but now how high-tech this van was that he secured it with some very cool methods, which I’ll get into below.

3 tips to a more secure invest-a-van

  1. GPS Double Black Box Tracking – This is essentially so he could find his vehicle using a computer if it was stolen, he talked about how the last time his van was stolen he had no idea where it was or even how it got taken in the first place. These devices allow him to locate it, even if someone finds and takes one of the black boxes, there is always a second one, meaning they won’t find it, but he and the police will be able to find his property. – This is important when you consider the van itself cost close to $150,000 to kit out!
  2. Vehicle tagging system – This was so he could see where his vehicle was from his phone, and only he (as in myself bio speaking) could enter the van. That’s some high tech security system.
  3. My favourite of all – A DOG! He had a freckin Dog in his van. Now that’s a cool way to travel the country.

This obviously isn’t going to be for everyone but if like me you are interested in travelling then why not? It’s an easy and (when you think about it) relatively inexpensive way to drive around the country, see the sites and have some fun and make some money along the way! Very cool. Very jealous. Nice to meet you though.